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Instrumental TransCommunication, ITC, is the term used for communicating with the spirit world using all forms of technology.

Water Video Images

Method Created by Margaret Downey

These images were captured using a bowl or pan of water, a Sony HD Handycam, a flashlight or IR light.

You stir the water with your finger causing a ripple effect and record for 30 seconds.  You will be reviewing 33 frames per second, so you don't want to record long.  You ask for any spirits to show themselves in the water.  These were captured at different locations and times.




In the first image you can see what looks like a female leaning on her elbows, resting her chin on her hands.

Second image appears to be a eagle or birds head.

Third image, faceless woman wearing a high collared black dress, with hair in bun on top of her head.  Appears to be a child or animal on her left side.

Fourth image, face forming at the bottom of bowl and rolls up the right side.


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